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Saint Social was set up by husband and wife creative duo, Simon and Tamsin Ridgwell. While building the highly respected travel brand, Best of England, they learnt how to create beautiful and compelling content that engages at an exceptional level.

But engagement is no use without sales and since setting up Best of England, Simon and Tamsin have sold tens of thousands of travel guides. This is despite the publishing industry as a whole being in decline but in particular publishing within the travel sector given the growth of sites like TripAdvisor.

The traditional wholesale/bookshop model just didn’t seem to make sense with the various middle men and women along the way who want their cut. Why not go direct to the customer? It seemed like the obvious solution. Having created a great product, mastering Facebook advertising was the next challenge.

Simon and Tamsin spent huge amounts of their own time and money learning how to maximise return on ad spend and how to effectively use Facebook to a profitable advantage. Today, Best of England continues to sell tens of thousands of books directly to a loyal audience of engaged followers and at a price that is much higher than the equivalent products on the market.

Now, Saint Social want to use this knowledge to help you grow your business.

Tamsin Ridgwell

Creative Director

As a Director of Branding for some of the world’s leading luxury fashion, travel and lifestyle companies, Tamsin has spent over fifteen years creatively directing brands by globally amplifying their narrative and positioning through multi-faceted and strategic brand strategy.

From conceptualising, producing and directing global advertising campaigns and runway shows to working alongside some of the world’s greatest style influencers from New York and Los Angeles to London, she has worked with celebrated stylists, celebrities, royals and photographers to create world-class campaigns and brand profiles.

Simon Ridgwell

Technical Director

Simon is a digital marketeer, strategist and entrepreneur who has creatively designed, built and marketed award-winning global websites and digital strategies for some of the biggest international agencies and brands, from Jamie Oliver and Top Gear to Rough Guides and Penguin Books.

As the founder of Best of England, a respected travel brand which has sold 20,000+ travel guides, Simon’s ability to create unique, relevant and engaging content has led to successful and innovative campaigns with exceptional levels of engagement and direct to consumer, data driven sales.

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