5 reasons why Facebook Ads should be part of your Schools 2019 Marketing


Your organic posts won’t reach many people anymore

Facebook have changed their algorithm to show more content from friends as well as local news. That means only around 5% of your followers will see your organic posts. Therefore the only way to reach a wider audience of existing and new people is to pay. You can boost posts but ads have many more options for effective targeting.


 You can target parents with incredible precision

Facebook allows you to target by age, sex, location, behaviour and interests. By combining these, you can target your audience with more precision than any advertising that has existed before. In addition, you can create “lookalike” audiences. These are groups of people who are similar to the people who have visited your website or engaged with your facebook page to date.


 You can then retarget the parents who engaged with your ad

Once you have found a parent who has engaged with your ad, you can then retarget them with the next message in your sequence to build your campaign and bring that person closer to the conversion objective.


The data will tell you which ads work best

Facebook provide a vast range of metrics which can be used to work out which elements of your campaign are the most effective. You can run a number of campaigns side by side to see which imagery, messaging and platforms work best and then tailor the campaign to focus on these elements.


Instagram is part of the Ad platform

Facebook own Instagram and your ads can also be served on that platform with great results. Instagram ads should be tailored for the instagram audience who are used to and expect high quality, beautiful imagery

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