10 top tips to improve your School’s Facebook page


Keep an eye on your competition

There’s nothing more motivating than some healthy competition among your peers. Facebook allows you to monitor up to six of your competitors and see how they compare with your own activity. Each week you can see how many posts your competitors have made, the level of engagement they have achieved and the total page likes.


Ensure your page is set up as a business page rather than a personal page

The main difference between the two types of page is the amount of data which Facebook provides under the “Insights” tab. This information is invaluable in working out which of your posts are most effective, who your audience is and the times at which they are online. This data should be the corner stone of your marketing strategy.


Make use of the call to action button

Ensure you have configured the big blue button that appears in the top right hand corner of your Facebook page. This should be the most important objective you are trying to achieve (in most cases drawing traffic to your website). If your goal is to promote your open days then send traffic directly to that page via this button.


Use a video as your cover

Many schools have already realised the benefit of creating a short video to bring their school to life. These videos can be used as the cover of your facebook page to replace the static image. Videos should be at least 20 seconds long, 1080p and dimensions of 820×312 (think door letterbox). Drone shots work particularly well.


Create content that educates or entertains

A key part of your strategy should be to engage and entertain your existing audience of parents. These are the people who will (hopefuly) champion your brand online and encourage the most effective form of marketing; word of mouth. Create quality content that they will want to share with their network.


Answer the most commonly asked questions with a chatbot

Chatbots are an incredibly efficient way to communicate with your audience via facebook messenger. Questions can be answered instantly and parents directed to the relevant section of your school’s website. If a particular question can’t be answered then the chatbot will notify you.


 Respond to comments

Facebook is a social network with conversation at the heart. Treat your Facebook page as a two-way conversation between your school and your audience. Talk like a human being, be consistent in your tone and don’t be afraid to add personality to the way you communicate with each person. These comments will help with the organic reach of your posts as facebook can see that the content is resonant with your audience.


Ask questions, build relationships

Your followers are your brand ambassadors. They care about the success of your school and their opinions should be valued. Ask questions, encourage people to comment and get involved. Create facebook polls and ask people to share. Not only will this provide valuable research data but parents will appreciate being asked for their opinions.


Invest in your photography

These days, beautiful photography is everywhere on social media and your audience expects nothing less. Make sure the photos you post on your facebook page are well shot, properly cropped and high resolution. This doesn’t mean hiring a professional as most smart phones are more than capable of getting the shots you need and there are numerous editing apps available that can help.


Let us help you

We know that your time is short and keeping on top of social media is a time consuming task. If you have got this far then you can tell that we understand your audience and know how to get the most out of facebook. Click here to book a free consultation to find out how Saint Social can help with the marketing for your school.

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